Vivian Agnes Marie Wright

September 15, 1942 - September 11, 2004

I first met Vivian and Jerry Wright in 1990 when I was returning to school in Nanaimo, BC, where they lived. My sister, Diana, had been dating Vivian and Jerry's son, Tony. I was invited for a evening out at Pipers Pub. I had one of the best times of my life that night, just having a party with these people that were so warm and open. There was no generation gap and I felt like one of the family. My sister married Tony and they began a family of their own. I had my first son, Ian,  in January 1994. Vivian spent a great deal of time making diapers and other odds and ends for him even though she had more than enough to do for her own family. I will never forget her generosity. Jerry died in an unfortunate accident at work in 1995, and Vivian's life was changed forever. It broke my heart to see such a close and caring family suffer such a loss. But, Vivian carried on without Jerry and while I know she always missed him, she began to have a life of her own and most likely became closer to her children. She adored Jenna and Brooke, as they did their Grandma. My son, Brenden passed away last Nov 27, and Diana and Tony were here for us immediately, to comfort us. It was just after Christmas when we found out that Vivian had been diagnosed with cancer. She fought to live every day to its fullest over the next nine months. She will always be an inspiration for me through her example of courage. We all miss you Vivian but, we are also comforted knowing that you are where you belong...with Jerry.

Memories of my Gramma

by: Jenna Wright