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Thank you for visiting Site Map.  This page will help you get a handle on the many pages (the web if you will) that make up  It provides a visual representation of the main html pages of the Littleboo Network.  Click on the box that contains the page you would like to visit and you're there.  Click on your browsers [back] button and you're back at the site map ready to visit another page on the Littleboo Network.

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Don't Throw away those Stamps!

You know those envelopes that have stamps on them and you throw away.  Please don't...send them to us.  These old stamps that are headed for the garbage can be used to help feed someone.  This is a worthwhile cause using something that usually gets thrown away.  I collect them and give them to our church, who in turn sends them to an society that offers these stamps for sale and donates that money to help feed the hungry wherever the need is most.  Just save them up.  When you have a handful send them to: 840 Irma Road, Kelowna, BC V1X 3Z9

Just clip around the stamp leaving a bit of a border of paper.  Or, don't bother, just send me the enveloped with the stamps on and I will put some kid to work.  Thank you in advance.

Some Things to look Forward to!

  • The Wreck of 78' on the Bateman Family Page.
  • The startup and announcement of Boo's Toys. Where adults and kids work together to create special toys for special children.
  • The addition of a Brenden's Friends - a Guestbook for
  • Sign Little Boo's Guestbook now! Brenden's Friends
  • The addition of Brenden's Corner - a Message Board where friends and family can communicate, share information, recipes, and ideas.
  • Boo Boots - a collection of Brenden's favorite activities, foods, objects and characters.

We are Under Construction!

This page, as with most of, is under construction. The construction phase will most likely take six months. At that time it will enter what I call, "the active phase." Content will change, information will be added and updated, and new features and pages will be added. But the core of the network,, which is the gateway to everything else, will remain as is. This is partly for sentimental reasons but, mostly because I like the design. It's clean, uncluttered, and intuitive to use. While I realise that it takes a bit of time to load the home page for dialup users, once it is loaded, subsequent pages load quickly because 99% of the graphics are the same on all pages. This is by design since I am aware that over half the people using the internet, do so through a dialup connection with a 486 or less.