Our Golden Boy

A little angel came for a visit.
I called him our "golden boy".
His name was Brenden Lee.
All that met him and knew him
could feel the warmth of his bright light.
He wore a crown of platinum hair upon his head,
that shone like a beacon.
Bright, joyous, light beamed from his smiling blue eyes.
The warmth of his gentle love emanated from his little fingertips.

Our Brenden Lee was truly a rare and beautiful soul.
From the day he arrived he struggled to stay with us.
Our golden boy overcame his difficulties one by one, without complaint.
Doctors were wonderous of his achievements and medical interventions
became redundant as he healed himself,
even the hole in his heart.

Now, that beautiful, precious, light has gone out.
His stay far too brief but, we have so many wonderful memories.
We will never forget his giggles and laughter.
His dancing and, "helping".
His trip down to the strawberry patch each evening,
to find one bright berry.
His delight with "punkins" and love of "popplecorn".
Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, Ants in Your Pants,
and Wumpa's World with his favorite white bear, Tigawac.
And so much more...

I will never forget the feeling of my Brenden putting his arms up to me
and saying, "hug, momma, hug?"
And that wonderful feeling when we would hold each other tight.
Look to the heavens.
I know you will see a new light.
A new star shining bright...a wishing star.
A guiding light.
Our lovely little angel will be forever with us.

I cannot help but mourn his passing,
but I do believe that Brenden would want us to...celebrate his life!
The love, the laughter, the song, the hugs, and the kisses.
That is how our sweet angel would want to be remembered.
We are so blessed to have known him.
With Love Momma

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