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This page is dedicated to all those who knew Brenden. Either as a friend, or one of the many professionals who worked with Brenden and made his life just that much more special. From the day he was born at Royal Inland Hospital, in Kamloops, to his trips to Children's Hospital, to his sessions with Penny and Robin of Salmon Arm Infant Development, to Bowers Funeral Home, Brenden had a team of loving, caring, very special people working for him. They won't be forgotten in our hearts.


Have a look at a website from the people who did so much for Brenden in the first few weeks of his life and provided him with the opportunity to share his love and special gifts with us for two years.  If you can help them out, please do.

BC Children's Hospital

After Brenden was released from Children's Hospital he was monitored by the Interior Health Region of BC.  They looked after his health concerns in such a professional and caring way. All those who cared for Brenden and helped him with his difficulties, were loved by Brenden, and he showed it.  They won't be forgotten.

Interior Health

And when it was said and done and Brenden had to leave us, some very special people helped us.  RCMP Victim Services, Coroner Mel  Walters, and Bowers Funeral Services, to name a few.  Brenden's obituary is listed at Bowers website.  They helped us to represent his life as it was on that saddest day, with fun, wonder, and joy...that was Brenden!

Bowers Funeral Service

Don't be shy about making a contribution to this website. Any, tales and stories, photos, or anything, to do with your involvement with Brenden are welcome. Also welcome is your continuing involvement with children that need assistance as Brenden did.

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