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Please check back often as there will be considerable more content added as this site matures. If you would like to be notified as this site is being updated, please email me and you will be notified of any changes. Once again, any suggestions or contributions to this can be emailed to me a

This portion of is dedicated to my father, Kenneth Scott Bateman, who died with Frank William Watson in a CNR railway accident in 1978 near Terrace, BC,. Since my fathers death I have collected numerous, photos, newspaper clippings, flood reports, and various other artticles, and put them in a collection. Some of you have seen that collection. I had planned to save the collection electronically and publish it to the web this winter as a project. The passing of Brenden has changed things and made this seem even more important to do. If you lived in north-central BC during the storm of November 1978 and want to contribute to, email me at If you want to communicate with me and have questions please email me at You can also participate in the forum.


The Storm Forum

Don't be shy about making a contribution to this website. This portion of is only dedicated to my father. It's purpose is to represent my father and the Bateman family. Any, tales and stories, photos, or anything, to do with my father or the Bateman family are welcome. I need all the help I can get putting this together

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