Brenden & Tigawac on Littleboo's Freedom Machine Christmas 2002.

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Polar Bear & Penguin on the tree Christmas 2006

Brenden's best buddy was, Tigawac the polar bear. He talked to Tigawac, he played with Tigawac, and he slept with Tigawac. He was Brenden's buddy. The picture of the Christmas ornament above was given to me by someone who loves me and knows what I go through at Christmas time without my Littleboo, Brenden Lee. It is a very special gift from a very special person for a very special spirit who's love will always be a piece of me. Visit where Tigawac came from for Brenden by clicking on the Wumpa's World link below. Have a very Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.

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Even though nothing in my life has ever hurt me the way that the passing of Brenden has, I have enthusiasm about creating this website, I am positive about the future, and I have a desire to live everyday in a way like never before. Brenden had so many gifts to give. You only had to open your heart to receive them.

Don't throw away your old stamps. They can be put to good use and help feed some hungry kids. Just save 'em up and send them to us and Tigawac will make sure they go to the right place.

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"The Littlelest Angel" was a story that was read to us at a Christmas service just after Brenden left us. It just seemed so relevant when we heard it. It touched us deeply but also offered comfort. Have a read and maybe you might want to tell someone this story next Christmas.

The Littlest Angel - by Charles Tazewell

Don't be shy about making a contribution to this website. Brenden came from the heart and he was never shy about it. Besides, I need all the help I can get putting this together

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