Littleboo's  Sponsored Brother

Ricot Nord


We are pleased to announce that is the proud sponsor of a little boy in need. His name is, Ricot Nord.  He was born, December 16, 1999 and lives in the Haiti.  Ricot lives in a home for children. His parents are unemployed and they have few basic skills, which would enable them to earn a living. The parents place Ricot in the home because they know he will receive good care, food, shelter, and an education while he is growing up. This is not an unusual solution to a difficult problem. Ricot loves chores which mostly involve involve running errands. He is in good health and now he has a little hope. He is in our hearts and prayers like our own children. Ricot is not a replacement for Brenden. He is a little soul who we can give some of the love and caring to, we once gave to Brenden. Keep checking back because the information about him will be updated as we receive it.  If you would like to help out too, click on the World Vision link and have a look at some of the wonderful things they do.  We can't help them all but, we can help one!

Please check back with this page as it will contain more information about Ricot and Haiti. If you can help a child somewhere in the world, including your own country, they will love you for caring.

World Vision

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