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  Top Notch Software at a Rock Bottom Price!

There is a lot of good software written and available as freeware and versions of shareware.  Because it is free does not mean that it is substandard.  Some of it is but, some of it is also the best available...at any price.  All of the software available for download from this site I have used and/or I am still using.  It's good and it works.  Try a program or two out.  If you have problems or questions about any of the software from this site, let me know.



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Thank you for visiting my free software page. When I say, "free software,"  it is.  Some of the software encourages you to upgrade but, you don't have to.  However, that being said, I encourage anyone who likes well written software and they use it, to support the author.  If he never gets paid he will eventually quit writing it.

Software Downloads!

QuickTime Viewer - A Mac multimedia player for windows and all browser compatible.  Download QuickTime

Shockwave Player - Macromedia's browser pluggin for websites using Shockwave.  Download Shockwave Player

Flash Player - Macromedia's player for Flash content on the web or across devices and platforms  Download Flash Player

AVG - Fantastic anti-virus software with constant notification and automatic updates.  Download AVG Antivirus

adAware - Scan, detect, and remove spyware from your computer.  Protect Yourself!  Download adAware

602 PC Suite Pro - A very good office suite that can read and write Word and Excel files.  Download 602 PC Suite Pro

Mozilla - A very stable and powerful alternative web browser, mail client, & editor. I like this one!  Download Mozilla

Netscape - The browser that really made the world wide web and the internet enjoyable to surf.  Download Netscape

Tweak UI - A great utility for customising Windows.  Built by MS but never included with Windows.  Download Tweak UI

Some Things to look Forward to!

  • The Wreck of 78' on the Bateman Family Page.
  • The startup and announcement of Boo's Toys. Where adults and kids work together to create special toys for special children.
  • The addition of a Brenden's Friends - a Guestbook for littleboo.ca.
  • Sign Little Boo's Guestbook now! Brenden's Friends
  • The addition of Brenden's Corner - a Message Board where friends and family can communicate, share information, recipes, and ideas.
  • Boo Boots - a collection of Brenden's favorite activities, foods, objects and characters

More Downloads!

Winzip - Everyone needs this utility today. Compress & Uncompress files for faster transfers.  Download Winzip

PKZip - The original file compression utility that works as good as any other today.  Download PKZip

WSFTP - One of the easiest FTP clients made.  If you have never used FTP before, try this one.  Download WSFTP

Smart FTP - Also a very simple and well written FTP program with a backup module.  Download Smart FTP

1st Page 2000 - A very complete HTML editor that tends to be a bit complex but powerfully good.  Download 1st Page 2000

AceHTML Free - A very nice and easy to use HTML editor with an integrated FTP client.  Download Ace HTML Free

SiSoftSANDRA - A utility for monitoring you PC's health and offers solutions for better performance.  Includes benchmark tests and burnin module.  Download SiSoftSANDRA