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Brenden had a way of helping people to open their hearts. No matter what your mood may have been, Brenden would allow you to see the world through his eyes for a moment.  In that moment you felt like opening up and sharing.  It was his favorite gift.  For some, that gift lasted for more than a moment and they continue to give because of this little boy they met.  This page acknowledges those special people who can still see the world as Brenden did...a place to help and share.

Donations can be in the form of money, in Brenden's honor to, Salmon Arm Infant Development, BC Children's Hospital, Royal Inland Hospital, World Vision, or Boo's Toys.  You can donate directly to the place of your choice and you will receive a tax receipt.  The addresses are listed at the bottom of this page.  Contributions can be in the form of volunteering time to the above or, by contributing content to this website. If you make a donation, please let me know so that I can acknowledge your generosity.  Once again, from all the children you are helping and Brenden, thank you!


Donations & Contributions


Name: Mary Christensen

Relationship to Brenden: Great Aunt

Donation/Contribution: $30 to Salmon Arm Infant Development

Memo: The $30 was used by Salmon Arm Infant Development to purchase an interactive fish bowl. The fish bowl encourages children to use certain types actions and movements through rewards of site and sound.  The fish bowl is being used by an invalid child who's only visible interaction with the world around her is her ability roll toward the bowl and bump it with her head so that it makes sounds and flashes.  While it may not seem like much to us, it is the whole world to her and has empowered her.  Thanks Mary!

Name: Len and Joan Betker

Relationship to Brenden: Grandpa and Grandma

Donation/Contribution: $50 to Salmon Arm Infant Development

Memo: Len and Joan were very special people to Brenden and he was very special to them.  They cared for Briana, our daughter, in the first two weeks of Brenden's life while he fought to stay alive at Royal Inland Hospital and Children's Hospital. Brenden was always so happy to see them and wouldn't leave Grandpa alone the whole duration of his visit.  On Halloween, less than a month before his passing, he insisted to Joan that he was a butterfly, even thought he was dressed as a bee.  Penny, from SAID, informed me that she liked the fishbowls (and so did the kids using them) so much, she went out and bought two more. Thanks Len and Joan!

Name: The Fricker family, Andy, Susan, Sarah, Colin. and Brian

Relationship to Brenden: Uncle, aunt, and cousins

Donation/Contribution: My First LeapPad to Salmon Arm Infant Development

Memo: This donation was originally a Christmas gift from the Frickers to Brenden.  It was a gift given from the heart with high consideration for Brenden's character and talent.  Brenden loved to draw and could hold a pencil the correct way the first time he picked one up.  He was a natural artist.  He packed his drawing board with him wherever he went, and  wore out a number of them in his two short years.  He would have loved this gift from the Frickers and I am sure that Penny at Infant Development will make some children very happy.  Thank you, Andy, Susan, Sarah, Colin, and Brian!


Name: The Bateman Family, Ken, Diana, Ian, Wes, and Briana

Relationship to Brenden: Dadda, Momma, Brothers & Sister

Donation/Contribution: Brenden's Christmas gifts donated to Salmon Arm Infant Development

Memo:  We were looking forward to the most magical Christmas ever in 2003.  Brenden was doing so well and had overcome all the difficulties he was born with. Diana and I went to Calgary to get away for a few days and to do our Christmas shopping early and save a few dollars on taxes.  What we came home to we were not prepared for.  All of Brenden's presents were purchased with encouraging his progress and development in mind.  They required thinking and physical manipulation and would help him continue excelling like he was.

  Unfortunately, he never got to see those wonderful toys.  Some of his very special gifts that would mean something to our other children, were given to them at Christmas, as one last gift from Brenden.  His stuffed Eeyore (Donkey in Winnie the Pooh) went to Briana,  His interactive Bob the Builder CD and book, and his Winnie the Pooh blanket were given to Wes.  His first teddy bear he picked out on his first Christmas and his photo album were given to Ian. Those items were, or would have been, so special to Brenden.  Now they are to his brothers and sister he loved.  The remaining gifts were given to Salmon Arm Infant Development, They where the people who had faith in Brenden and helped him the most.  Now it's Brenden's turn to help other children that need help just like he did.  Helping and sharing.

Thank you once again for your generosity.  Don't be shy about making a contribution to this website. Any, tales and stories, photos, or anything, to do with your involvement with Brenden are welcome. Also welcome is your continuing involvement with children that need assistance.


World Vision Canada - Littleboo.ca sponsors a boy, Fabel, in the Dominican Republic. If you can help them, please do.

Boo's Toys - Where adults and children work together to build special toys for special children. Pieces of wood and tools are always needed.

BC Children's Hospital - A lot of kids are alive today because of these people.

Interior Health - Royal Inland Hospital saved Brenden's life his first day here. The doctors and nurses in Chase and Kamloops cared for him in a very special way.

SECA - Infant Development Program - Salmon Arm - As I said earlier, these people had faith in Brenden's courage and ability to overcome his difficulties.  Penny and Robin were Brenden's friends and he was always happy to see them, even thought their exercises would cause him pain at times.  He knew they always brought him different toys each time they came. Unfortunately, it seems at times the programs that do the most get the least.  This worthwhile program is running on a very tight budget and can use all the help they can get.  You can mail your donation to:

SECA Infant Development Program
PO Box 2579, Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 4R5

If you have any question you can contact myself, Ken Bateman, at the link below.  You can also post questions at Brenden's Corner, a message board/forum by click here. Brenden's corner is a meeting place for Brenden's family and friends, and anyone else who wants to participate.

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