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  In today's fast paced high tech world, phone numbers and mailboxes just don't cut it for most people any more.  The average person could spent half their wages just being connected today. Add to that our media rich homes comprised of gaming consoles, DVD home theaters systems, satellite systems, security, it amazes me that the average person has any money left at the end of the day.  Oh, that's right we don't.

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Some Things to look Forward to!

  • The Wreck of 78' on the Bateman Family Page.
  • The startup and announcement of Boo's Toys. Where adults and kids work together to create special toys for special children.
  • The addition of a Brenden's Friends - a Guestbook for
  • Sign Little Boo's Guestbook now! Brenden's Friends
  • The addition of Brenden's Corner - a Message Board where friends and family can communicate, share information, recipes, and ideas.
  • Boo Boots - a collection of Brenden's favorite activities, foods, objects and characters

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